Young generation losing morality in name of modernism

Educational institutes usually are found providing environment to youth in which they are found doing sex and chase their desires blindly, openly and excessively. Couples when caught doing immoral activities and are threaten that their videos will be uploaded on the internet then youth starts doing immoral activities.

Date caught in fields by khabarnamcha

Immoral activities not only include blind chase of sex drives rather also include major crimes like stealing, robbing and killing each other for entertainment, thrill and aggression. Young people are found complaining that we die young, why? We need to live long, we want to live long but nothing is in our control we come to this life and leave this life without our will.

Every single person is found complaining, weeping and yelling at the crisis and sufferings of life. People are hardly found doing hard work just because of the thought that we die, so why should we worry and why should we work hard and for whom should we work hard. Immoral activities are usually done by the young people because they are too much frustrated and too much tired after the hard work which does not give any result and make people depressed and they find no reason to live and start doing immoral activities.

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