This nation has gone corrupt

Muslims love to talk about their religion all the time but they never try to implement it in their life, the progress report if seen of the Muslims in terms of actions they fail and if they are seen in terms of knowledge almost every Muslim passes because it is easy to keep on gaining knowledge and repeating it but difficult to bring the knowledge in action.

Hotel in Hyderabad selling biryani by khabarnamcha

Muslims blindly follow their religion of forefathers and very few people do research and perform proper investigation that either their forefathers were having the true religion or not. Very few people read their religious scriptures and consider the religion a small matter of interest.

Corruption is done by Muslims because they do not read their book of religion and does not make sustenance act of God rather consider themselves as their own sustainer and remain worried, also are found doing corruption and are not even aware of the names of their religious books.

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