Think before having pet wild animals

Omnivorous, carnivorous and herbivorous all are types of animals that are telecasted on the wildlife channels. Among all these videos the most watched videos include the videos of carnivorous. Among the carnivorous the most watched videos are of tiger attack.

Tiger attack , why You should not turn Your back! by khabarnamcha

The videos of fight between animals though include videos of fight between crocodile, dear fight between dogs and cats but most searched video on the internet is the video of tiger attacks, the reason behind this search is that people say that tiger is the animal which focus on its target and never lose the focus despite many other easy target comes in his way, once it select the dear to be eaten then it eats only the selected.

Jungle life is lived by the animals with only one single law that is killing or be killed. This simple rule in jungle causes all fight and all the animals are found eating and attacking each other just to survive. Many animal videos are downloaded by the people that not include the fight video rather include the natural videos of jungle.

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