Soldier found alive after days under snow in Siachen

Miracles of Allah and Islam are known by those people who are reader of Quran, Quran simply tells and teach the people regarding reality of everything. Miracle in this life which can be seen by the people is simply the way Quran challenges its reader to produce a single chapter similar or somewhat similar to Quran.

Soldier Found Alive in Siachen after 5 days… by khabarnamcha

Quran invites all people who consider themselves as intelligent, smart and intellectuals to find a single mistake in Quran or find out any verse that is against the human benefits. One miracle of Quran is also its offering of solutions of the problems of humanity, any problem that human being come across is told in the Quran.

Miracles of Allah are observed by nonbeliever but instead of submitting their will to God these non believer when find no proper reasoning simply reject the truth because they want to enjoy, they want to seek pleasures, they want every desire to be fulfilled in this life and hence reject the truth.

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