People will bear anything to get worldly desires

Life of this world is acknowledged by everyone but the afterlife is unseen. People try to bring in writing their imagination to describe the afterlife but Quran speak regarding afterlife that it is beyond imagination, rather many people say that afterlife is not there because no one has seen it and seeing is what believing.

Look what fake peer is doing by khabarnamcha

Desires in this life when are not fulfilled people try to justify it by saying that whatever a man could not get in this life will get there in the afterlife, but this is hardly seen that people prepare for the afterlife, most of the people are found saying that because it is need of the people to stay patience with the concept of afterlife so it is self created.

Believer of the afterlife say that we come to this life only once so doing good deeds is our purpose of life and doing good deeds make afterlife better on the other hand suicide is done by nonbelievers and it is just because when they see darkness ahead in front of them.

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