Muslims lay life in the name of Allah and Islam

Majority of people simply enjoy life by seeking worldly pleasures and enjoy it maximum just because they believe that once we die, everything will end and nothing will be there ahead and there is no afterlife whereas the afterlife on the other hand is said as compulsory by those people who say that the life of this world cannot be justified without the concept of afterlife.

Thousands of Muslims in Gujarat india by khabarnamcha

Half knowledge of science make a person atheist and people follow the desires of their heart and just because they possess the false and half knowledge of science which lead them to immoral activities like sex with the girls and all the time watching porn on the internet.

People when stop themselves from being shy, and do things which are immoral openly without any shyness then they start their journey of darkness and become never able to come back from the world of darkness and remain in despair all the time because there remains no way to return once a person become non believer.

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