Muslims do not feat death and afterlife

Majority of people say that this life is to enjoy and as it may end anytime so enjoy it maximum and there is no need to worry regarding deeds because there is nothing ahead and once a person is buried it becomes part of mud and a dead end.

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Believing in half knowledge of science and start believing we only lives once is what make people blindly follow the desires of their heart and their major interest such as sex with the girls and all immoral activities become there second nature from which to get rid becomes impossible for them.

Such people when become immoral they are found as corrupt by choice because they stop looking in good side of the life, positivity and light end for them and they do not want to improve at all towards life. Logics when fail to prove the existence of afterlife people start doing corruption, bad deeds and all the immoral activities for pleasure seeking and enjoyment and eventually suffer badly in both life and afterlife.

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