Miracles of Kalam Allah witnessed by hundreds

Miracles of Allah and Islam is a topic that is brought into writing by many people but also there are many books written on Allah and Islam that are not authentic and misguide the people. Miracles are hardly seen now days compare to what is written in the books of previous times when people were reported exhibiting miracles.

Possessed man in Masjid Nabwi by khabarnamcha

Thinkers, who consider themselves as intellectuals are invited by the Quran and Quran challenges people to bring even a single chapter somewhat similar to like this what is in this book, to get closer to God one needs to read the book in the language he or she understands best.

Miracles of Allah and Islam are best exhibited by the people, who practice the teachings of religion after reading, and understanding the words written in Quran and people are found saying that whatever a thought, a problem or any mishap or suffering of life is here in this world we get peace after reading the Quran.

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