Man Went In Wings of a Plane

The Islam preached by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was the real Islam which got diminished with time. Soon after the death of the Prophet SAW.

there were diversions and disputes which led to sects in the beautifil religion and hence paved ways for enemy parties to exploit the weaknesses of our religion.
Though, the reality is that the real face of Islam is entirely different from what the Western World is trying to illustrate in the eyes of the world. Islam is a magnificent religion which is why there are so many high profile converts every now and then.

Lindsay Lohan, the American performer, is said to be “investigating” Islam. Theory was initially blended by a photo of the big name conveying a duplicate of the Koran while finishing a spell of group administration.

This week, in a meeting with the Sun, Lohan told the British tabloid that she was without a doubt perusing Islam’s sacred book.

In the past, many famous public figures like Winston Churchill have been close to embracing the religion as a whole. In Lindsay’s case, close sources reveal that she might not convert to the religion but is studying it very closey.

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