Look what this young man doing with women

Youngsters never leave the comfort zone; youth follow their desires blindly and always want to remain in their comfort zone. Some young people are found saying that people die when they grow up young so why we should struggle hard because there is nothing that much important in this life and this life is nothing but pain so if we try to enjoy in this life maximum then what is the problem in doing so.

look what this man doing in shopping mall by khabarnamcha

Youth suffer because it stops looking at the positive side of the life, when only negative thoughts are given space in the mind then these thoughts lead an individual to the state of depression and resultantly a person is found in the mental hospital or is suggested to take anti depressants.

Newspapers and media frequently report that doing sex related activities among youth have become so common that even despite of the fact that these news are being published and are becoming viral still youth is found involved in immoral activities all the time and use drugs, develop party cultures in their gatherings and exhibit rebellious attitudes.

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