Life changing footage about afterlife

Life of the world is ending gradually with the passage of time because people who say that this is the only life want to live this life as full of pleasures and they seek environment in which intermingling of sexes and ecstasy is there. All the people on planet earth do know that all the pleasures of this life are temporary and end.

Despite of the fact that life ends and this life has hardly anything to offer, people still prefer this life over afterlife as they are found saying that no one who has died ever came back to tell what happened or what is there after death, seeing is believing is the favorite quote of such people who only believe in this life.

Those who believe in afterlife are found saying that purpose of this life is to do good deeds or practice the religious activities, believer of the afterlife are found developing the habit of doing good deeds because they know that every act we do pays us back either the reward or the punishment in case of bad deed.

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