Latest win of Pakistani wrestler is certainly a miracle

Miracles of Allah and Islam can be seen by reading the books of Islam, the books of Islam now days are polluted with unauthentic books which misguide people, books that speak about the teaching of Islam that are alien to Islam. Miracle is the life of the people who practice the teachings of Islam.

pakistani wrestler by khabarnamcha

Quran invites all thinkers, and all the people who name themselves as the intellectuals to point out a single mistake in Quran or find out a single verse that is against the benefits of humanity. To live a peaceful life Quran suggest its readers to submit their will to God.

Miracles of Allah and Islam are seen by the nonbeliever but they still do not submit their will to God because they want to enjoy, they want to seek pleasures, they want everything in this life and their desires have become their religion and instead of submitting their will to God, they have submitted themselves to their desires.

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