Immorality prevailing in so called massage centers

Educational institutes now days not only allow intermingling of sexes but also force youngsters to interact with opposite sex and find a way to meet each other beside study purpose such meetings of young people make them suffer because usually they are found chasing their sex desires blindly, openly and excessively. Resultantly couples are caught doing immoral activities and it become difficult to stop them because sex drives are hardly controllable.

Immoral activities of youth not only include blind chase of sex drives rather also include stealing, robbing and killing each other either for thrill or for entertainment as every single day young people are found involved in doing corruption, couples are found uploading the videos on the internet that are disputed and sexual in nature.

Every single person needs improvements within and outside the self, only then positive change in the society may come. Change never comes unless people do not work hard to change themselves and this hard work must be continuous in nature instead of in episodes. Many people do hard work only one day and then after gap they forget to do hardwork. All the immoral activities of youth are stoppable if special teams are generated for this purpose.

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