Camel sacrifice gone wrong

Animal fight videos watched on the internet or on the television include the videos of fight between omnivorous, carnivorous and herbivorous also warm blooded animals and cold blooded animals, all kind of animals fight is watched by the people but most frequently watched video is the video of fight between tiger and its natural enmity.

The videos of the fight between animals is not only watched on the internet rather it is shared by the people in their social media, if a video is liked by someone he is allowed to share the videos with their loved ones just by clicking the share button on the social media websites.

Jungle life is dangerous in nature because there is a cycle of animals that is eaten by each other, Nature has made the animals in such a form that the number of animals will prefer to die in hunger instead of eating the material which nature has put in them not to be eaten, a lion will never eat grass and will prefer die in hunger.

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