Allah shows miracle by giving man second life

Miracles of Allah and Islam are reflected by the practicing Muslims and also in the books of Islam, the books of Islam have many unauthentic books which misguide the people, books that speak about the world of ghosts in a false manner and misguide the people. Miracle can be best practiced and seen by the people who practice the teachings of Islam.

Man alive before funeral in peshawar by khabarnamcha

Thinkers, and all the people who consider themselves intellectuals are invited by the Quran and are challenged to bring even a single chapter somewhat similar to Quran and Quran also speak in a miraculous way that if you want to live a peaceful life then you must submit your will to God.

Miracles of Allah and Islam are also seen by the people, who read the Quran in the language they understand best and teachings of Islam are not only limited for any Muslim rather it is for all the human beings that live on the planet earth but very few people try to manage to read the Quran.

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